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gd72-04-29(Bertha)24.txt961 B
gd72-04-29(Bertha)24_Not_For_Trade.ffp1.68 KB
gd72-04-29d1t01 - Playing In The Band.flac100.22 MB
gd72-04-29d1t02 - Sugaree.flac73.49 MB
gd72-04-29d1t03 - Mr. Charlie.flac44.06 MB
gd72-04-29d1t04 - Black Throated Wind.flac61.07 MB
gd72-04-29d1t05 - China Cat Sunflower.flac49.36 MB
gd72-04-29d1t06 - I Know You Rider.flac63.65 MB
gd72-04-29d1t07 - Big Boss Man.flac55.40 MB
gd72-04-29d1t08 - Jack Straw.flac51.57 MB
gd72-04-29d1t09 - Loser.flac70.25 MB
gd72-04-29d1t10 - Chinatown Shuffle.flac29.25 MB
gd72-04-29d1t11 - Me And My Uncle.flac32.33 MB
gd72-04-29d1t12 - Big Railroad Blues.flac40.24 MB
gd72-04-29d1t13 - Good Lovin'.flac174.92 MB
gd72-04-29d2t01 - Casey Jones.flac63.53 MB
gd72-04-29d2t02 - Greatest Story Ever Told.flac64.16 MB
gd72-04-29d2t03 - He's Gone.flac81.61 MB
gd72-04-29d2t04 - Next Time You See Me.flac57.18 MB
gd72-04-29d3t01 - Dark Star.flac314.33 MB
gd72-04-29d3t02 - Sugar Magnolia.flac70.71 MB
gd72-04-29d3t03 - Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks).flac226.87 MB
gd72-04-29d3t04 - One More Saturday Night.flac54.09 MB
gd72-04-29d3t05 - Uncle John's Band.flac70.39 MB

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